Tuesday, October 20, 2020

Squad Scalprum Minor Build To-Done

 Drilling and Slicing My Way Through October 

It still counts as a monthly goal even if the arc of kitbashing stretches from 1999 to present day, right?

Being a fan of low hanging fruit here at the 1st Legion headquarters, I am tagging my first hobby season goal of Dreadtober with the big build (minor) completion of my Devastator Squad for the WH40K 2nd Edition army challenge this month.  There is quite a bit of conversion and modeling work in these five marines so I’m going to take it as a goal completion for this month even if one of the models was converted 20 years ago. Follow along after the jump if you want to hear about the deceptive amount of drilling and kit bashing contained in this months army challenge goal…

Saturday, October 17, 2020

OG Space Ork Banners

In Honor Of Orktober We Humbly Present...

Those who are not celebrating Dreadtober or it's radio cousin Rocktober, may have their sites set on feting all things green this month whilst painting models for Orktober.  These original RT Orks always have had a special place in my heart from staring at so many pictures of them in 'Eavy Metal back in my early White Dwarf reading days.  I'm also enjoying seeing how many of the concepts in these early banners were repurposed for other factions later on.  In this week's feature above, I'm pretty sure that Ork Raider Vampire banner was repurposed for the World Eaters insignia.  Thanks for stopping by, hopefully next year I'll really coordinate my actions and paint an old school Ork Dreadnought for Dreadtober.

Thursday, October 15, 2020

I Sing The Dreadtober Electric

 Red Corsairs Helbrute Second Week

It may not look like much has changed since last week, but things are starting to come together with this Helbrute's paint scheme.  I think I have covered all the horns and spikes with Xandri Dust, thinking that a bone similar to my Deathwing units will work for those details.  The mutated muscles had Screamer Pink and Pink Horror painted over the shaded Mephiston Red that was the basecoat.  I'm hoping to be able to evoke a sort of exposed muscle look with the layering of pink on the red.  I shaded the texture paint on the base to tie the disparate (grass, rock, mud) areas of the turf together.  I'm glad this month is extra long because I feel like I'm going to need all the time I can get to cover all the tiny details on this model.  Check out all the other great projects at the Dreadtober site.

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Blood Bowl WIP

 Wolfenburg Steelers Test Model

My son and I have been playing a lot of Blood Bowl lately so my goal of painting my human team to match my favorite American football team is coming closer to realization.  I painted the base coats, shades, and simple highlights on this one model as a test for using the Steeler's colors on a Blood Bowl team shortly after I bought the box set a few years ago.  The black parts of the uniform were painted Abbadon Black and then highlighted with Dawnstone.  The yellow armor is Averland Sunset washed with Cassandora Yellow and edge highlighted with Flash Gitz Yellow.  

However as I paint the rest of the models on the team I think I'm going to go for a slightly brighter yellow for their armor.  So I have been adding to this Blitzer's yellow armor with layers of the old Citadel Yellow Ink and the now OOP Lamenters Yellow glaze.  I did shift the color away from the reddish hue the yellow pads had from being washed with Cassandora Yellow shade but the glaze layers have shifted things to more of an ochre than a more vibrant yellow.  Fortunately this player is the one fellow on my team who has accumulated some additional skills so his slightly different uniform than the rest of the team will be explained away by this burgeoning star player's individual streak.  The edge highlights will need to be touched up again and I thought of a great inspiration for the team logo while going through decals this evening but I will save that for the finished model post.  Thanks for following along and I will see you on the pitch!

Monday, October 12, 2020

2020/2021 Hobby Season Kick Off And To-Do List

 The Big Leagues

As I began to read more and more hobby blogs in the last few years I spotted these badges on a few of my favorite blogs.  They were an enticingly cool way to keep track of hobby progress through the year, but I didn't want to go the typical internet route to steal the badges and start using them with out understanding more about ''hobby season".  Fortunately I had my ear to the proverbial hobby blog street at the right time this year, and the excellent Confessions Of A 40k Addict blog revealed the secrets of inclusion in hobby season I had been seeking.  Read the preceding link for more information on hobby season and follow along after the jump for my personal hobby goals of the 2020-2021 hobby season...

Thursday, October 8, 2020

Dreadtober WIP

 Red Corsair's Helbrute First Week's Progress

There is so much detail on this model, it can be a little intimidating when you first start to paint the Helbrute.  I'm trying to work with the base color of shaded Mephiston Red, painting layers right over it and using the combination of colors to try and achieve the colors I want for the many details.  Screamer Pink was painted on the fleshy mutated parts and Squib Orange was painted on the cable housings.  The base is finished from a construction standpoint, I added some small slate rocks from GW around the large rock piece he is standing on.  There was sand added and then painted green in a throwback style to tie it into the bases of my Red Corsairs marines who have classic Goblin Green bases.  Dreadtober rocks to be engaged in again and I can't wait to see what the other participants are working on.

Wednesday, October 7, 2020

#DadGoals Any Given Sunday

 Blood Bowl Kick Off!

Our family went on an end of summer camping trip the first weekend of September.  My son was excited about painting miniatures and my wife was encouraging me to take along some hobby projects to tackle while we were relaxing but the idea of bringing all the different paints I would need to work on my Dark Angels or all the colors my son would want for his swelling chaos warband seemed like too much effort for a long weekend.  A few days before the trip I had a sudden lucky bout of inspiration...

Monday, October 5, 2020

Imperium of Man Banners Part II


I think the Ordo Xenos needs to investigate the Kressalian mercenaries, that banner looks a lot like they worship the four armed emperor.

Thursday, October 1, 2020

Dreadtobers Of Future Past...

 Red Corsairs Helbrute Week 1

Our five year mission to paint all the models in the Dark Vengeance set while trying to not drown under the tide of models that I've bought in the interim...

Dreadtober has arrived and this year my entry is the Helbrute model that came in the Dark Vengeance box set I bought when first getting back into the hobby.  My son has recently played his first game of actual WH40K and he loved playing as the Chaos Space Marines.  So for Dreadtober this year I decided I would finally paint this model that has been lurking at the edges of my painting area for the last six years and add some firepower and close combat punch to the CSM army my son will want to use in our WH40K games going forward.  Last year's Dreadtober entry awaits after the jump...