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Monday, May 3, 2021

WH40K 2nd Edition Army Challenge II - April Completed!


Just a quick post to show off this month's entry for the 40K2ndAC II, plus a group photo of what I've painted for season II of the challenge so far.  These Terminators add some heavily armored punch to my second edition army list.  Once I have some decals applied to the Terminators I'll add a post with all the angles of the minis, they were a lot of fun to paint.  Thanks for reading and be sure to check out all the great participants in the challenge:

Friday, April 30, 2021

Cover Gallery - White Dwarf #126 Back Cover


Many earlier posts have spoken of my love of the old Space Hulk range of WH40K miniatures.  This week's back cover is a fantastic example of how the 'Eavy Metal team beautifully rendered these classic minis that still look amazing thirty years later.

Monday, April 26, 2021

#DadGoals - Office Space

Doomsday Comes To The Office Park

During a rainy afternoon last week we played my daughter's first game of Heroclix.  She has had a collection of the figures since her brother and I used to play the game frequently a few years ago.  When I would go on clix buying sprees with my son we would always pick up one or two for her so she felt included.  All of her clix are female super heroes and from a mixture of the DC and Marvel universes.  Since my son is super competitive, my daughter really dislikes competitive games so I knew I needed to tweak the normal game for her to be interested.  Follow along after the jump for more pictures and the solution...

Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Hammerfist Company Banners!

How Much Beard Conditioner Do The Squat Homeworlds Consume Each Year?

This week's entry has the kind of banners I always imagined my squat forces carrying many years ago before I traded them away for Battletech games and sourcebooks.  I even still own two of the above pictured "Command Squad Squats" that are waiting to be traded away on a Oldhammer FB group one of these days.  As feel free to copy and print above picture for all your stunty banner needs.

Sunday, April 18, 2021

WH40K 2nd Edition Army Challenge II - April WIP

 So Much Bone White To Paint, So Little Time...

Work is cruising along on this month's entry.  It feels like it takes forever to get the base colors on and to get everything shaded, but after that the detail work does proceed more at the pace of a snowball rolling downhill.  Although the models are very old, I think my approach to these is going to be more modern than 2nd Ed.  The author of the amazing Old School Gaming blog turned in the picture perfect 2nd Edition Deathwing Terminators early in the first season of the 40K2ndAC that mimic the Deathwing look of the time that was more pure white than the bone white of today.  As with the scouts last month I will once again try to work with the same general colors but come to a visually distinctive result.  The readers of the 40K2ndAC II have to put up with three participants painting Dark Angels armies so the least I can do is put a little thought into how to distinguish among the entrants via the models paint jobs.  Thanks for checking in with my progress and stay safe out there.

Friday, April 16, 2021

Cover Gallery - White Dwarf #122 Back Cover

Waaaagggghhhh, Da Orks!!!!

There is certainly some bias involved since this was my first issue, but this is my favorite of the back cover dioramas in WD.  I spent so many hours in the pre-internet days of my teens staring at this picture and dreaming of how I would paint the models or use them in a game.  I loved reading 'Ere We Go and built so many aspirational ork armies on paper that never saw a game.  The original plastic boyz, battlewagon, and warbike are still sitting in their boxes twenty-five years later just waiting to recreate this classic scene.  2023 hobby goals perhaps????

Tuesday, April 13, 2021

9th Squad, 4th Company

Devastator Squad Scalprum

Veteran battle brother Daskhorael has the honor of carrying one of the squad's two banners, while brother Malachai wields the Lascannon and brother Azathor hefts the ponderous Multi-Melta.

These 2nd edition beauties were completed for the first round of the 40K2ndAC back in November and December and are here to get the official finished unit post presentation.  In addition to wanting to feature them as a unit, I also had some details to finish up.  With the busy-ness of the holidays, I was pressed for painting time and I cheated by not painting the backs of the backs packs since I only submit one photo from the front for the challenge summary post each month.  Along with cleaning up any undone details, I added some transfers to various parts of the weapons that had broad flat open areas.  Follow along after the jump for pictures with all the angles and some more talking about the minis...

The wisdom of veteran sergeant Scalprum helps guide the powerful fire of the squad, ensuring that brothers Soriel and Astrovel find plentiful targets for their Missile Launcher and Heavy Bolter.

Sunday, April 11, 2021

#DadGoals - A Kind Of Magic

A Whole Lot Of Trees And One Measly Elf...

My son and I recently bought a truckload of common Magic cards at a used book store.  We were able to put together a variety of decks for all the colors and we have been playing almost everyday.  It's been very enjoyable and more importantly I can beat my son at least a third of the time so it finally gives me a game system where I'm at least winning semiregularly.  The cards are from all across the twenty years the game has been around so it's a lot more fun to make decks this way than just buying some of the starter decks and boosters that are currently on the market.  As much as my son and I love playing WH40K or Heroclix, MTG gives us a quick game we can play in twenty minutes or less when he has lunch or recess break from virtual school.  Thanks for stopping by and stay safe out there!